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Coolidge Invests In Its Youth: The Coolidge Youth Council Leading the Way

Coolidge, Arizona, a city with a rich history and bright future, is buzzing with excitement about the transformations set to unfold over the years. At the heart of this visionary spirit is the Coolidge Youth Council, a group of remarkable teenagers aged 13 through 18, who are igniting change and fostering growth in their community.

Bridging the Generational Gap

One of the Council's primary missions is to bridge the generational gap, facilitating robust communication and interaction between the city's youth and its adults. Their aim? To enhance the array of opportunities available for teenagers in Coolidge while nurturing their leadership skills.

Imagine a place where teenagers have a genuine voice in shaping their community's destiny, where their perspectives and aspirations are not only heard but actively incorporated into the city's plans. The Coolidge Youth Council is turning this dream into a reality.

Empowering the Young Voices

These spirited teenagers have already begun to make their mark on Coolidge. They recently embarked on a journey to the Arizona League of Cities youth program in Tucson, where they had the chance to exchange ideas, learn from other communities, and gain valuable insights into city governance. But they're not stopping there. The Coolidge Youth Council is all set to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty – quite literally. They have pledged to participate in community cleanups, breathing new life into the city's public spaces. As they engage in a beautification project, volunteering to repaint the City's Flatley Room located at the former Artisan Village, they're not just applying a fresh coat of paint; they're painting a brighter future for Coolidge.

Looking Ahead

In essence, the Coolidge Youth Council is not just a group of teenagers; they are the architects of Coolidge's future. Through their vision, energy, and commitment to positive change, they are demonstrating what can happen when young minds are empowered to shape their community.

As Coolidge looks forward to a future defined by progress and unity, it's evident that the Coolidge Youth Council is leading the way. Their passion, innovation, and dedication are the driving forces behind the city's transformation, and they're proving that age is no barrier to leadership and change.

So, watch out, Coolidge! The future is in good hands with these remarkable young leaders at the helm.

Learn more about this remarkable group by visiting

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